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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> mark: this was supposed to our flight from barcelona of the duesseldorf the plan that hour was the the 30,000 between them and send out of that flight. something went wrong in the plane dropped a 24,000 ft. as a distress call going out and unlikely there are any survivors. >> mark: debris was found at
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about 6,000 ft. at has been spotted it there's no one went in the area. and that's that putting a damper and the efforts to get the crash site conceive of a story and bring you updates as we get them in kron 4. >> darya: a woman i ever been kidnapped and held for ransom and vallejo. then yesterday kron 4 drug use as a live now details literally what we're relearning but as a stow. >> reporter: so a lot of questions not a lot of answers were waiting here from the authorities later this morning but right now there is a command post up on mare island in vallejo. but the solano county office of emergency services. and vallejo police department and we are also being told that the fbi may be involved in this investigation. 30 year-old denise cause skin. this all took place at just yesterday a few blocks from where a command post as head
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of a mare island. according to authorities as a yesterday around 2:00 in the afternoon to or contacted by federal mail to come to the 500 block of zero brooklyn avenue on their island and as a potential kidnapping involving a ransom. >> reporter: 40 to stories that's all we're being told at this point and that this woman is missing she may be a potential kidnapping it involving ransom. also being told her car turned up in an undisclosed location yesterday last evening at some point. according to authorities they say that they will have a temporary press conference to what the bus know about this case. asking for help and as this case moves forward that set up as i said this law county office of emergency services. vallejo police department and the fbi may be involved in it.
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>> reporter: 73 year in o'clock we were told the investigators were going back over the home on 500 block to continue to gather evidence and why do they believe that this is a kidnapping why do they believe that the ransom and all that not telling us the details right now obviously a scary part of the briefing as soon as we get new information about this will get along. >> darya: ago i do anything to jeopardize the case of the effect of right now and there is some sort of restoration right now is to understand where police do not want to give many details about this on going apparent kidnapping. kidnapping so on >> mark: other breaking news and escaped in may right now is in francisco police looking for this man. is this morning we have a photo of him a shirt that you be looking for 26 year old alexander santiago gonzales. this could carry jail on seven straight on
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through 45 last night. shift the be the it said that he got away a trend gathering information on the manhunt right now well live report coming up next half-hour. >> darya: was to look at the weather with james and her stomach headlines of the heat. >> james: 7 get off a woman on the bay especially about there's a friday let's take you outside. it's clear and mild temperatures and below the mid '50s for most of the bay area is a live camera view of the cemetery bridge even across our reception you see the aboard boeing how 92 heads of the foster city perfectly visible this morning. quickly get your quick dip our plan will bridge the day down and to those three main parts. morning hours representing 6:00 a.m. but in four chance of north bay cerros the energy to the north the spring assessment be widespread event. temperatures in the upper
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40's in the '50s by noontime what was a chance goes away were looking at an increasing clouds however in temperatures warming to the low '60's at that point by 3 this afternoon kids did about school will be a little breezy. talking some big wins send a 50 m.p.h. temperatures warm up the upper 60s the low '70's. represents to afford a great increase in yesterday size. what is taking hold but purely and see what's going to happen tomorrow especially thursday and friday. more on that to come here is where right now heading up the door not expect temperatures around 60 to 54 to 56 degrees at 47 cisco oakland san jose. the lead forecast coming up in 50 minutes. revenue dedicated mobile app for weather table for an dried apple devices. >> george: we are tracking and change your getting word of an accident being reported now selling and drove along a 80 in the northbound direction right
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at the 230 interchange that puts it here and the centers are starting to pick up some delays right now in that area. also this by the way because the location affects arrive coming out of castro valley on to a 38 northbound and continuation there of mission boulevard. trekking >> george: right to the bridges here the bay bridge metering lights are active and also back to preaching and the macarthur man is. time marty 1820 minutes coming from highway 24 and trip to the san mateo bridge we don't yet see the bright lights but with volume definitely building up as the cars become warden's attacked here. it should to the golden gate bridge were still tracking a quiet easy right to morning county. >> george: still coming in at tournaments and a bottle to the golden gate bridge.
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yeliing town hall meeting cut short. >> darya: several disruptions from the audience plans holding this meeting to talk less six officer involved shooting where a woman was killed and errors last tuesday august promised driving erratically a stolen car hit several vehicles and the nonpoint with the wrong way on one race street are. officers said they opened fire and out of your part for public safety killing ground. and the ripping of the report of the shooting at the church last at this meeting when activist ellen members are yelling and blowing whistles. >> darya: meeting was cut short an ounce runs family did not speak to the media hired a lawyer to look in the circumstances surrounding her death. still >> darya: ahead will
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continue to follow the breaking news where our german airliner carrying hundred 48 people crashed in a remote part of the french alps. and we share some of the process we have with the social media for your the continued to weigh in on this breaking news story. also in the bay area a gravel truck crushes a pregnant woman to death in the state. our confusion leading up to the sex and.
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>> james>> george: up continues to back up on lifespan drive now backed up behind me on how 24 interstate 580. drive time has jumped up now to 22 minutes they're right out of macarthur mess. complete check coming up. >> mark: bay-- a full gravel truck tips over and crushes a young pregnant mother. this is video from our a-b-c 7 news-- a truck driver hauling a load of gravel, was working outside lindsay combs' home on monday afternoon. the driver-- a subcontractor under j-j-r construction-- was working on martinez's sidewalk redevelopment project. there is a confusion as to what led up to the deadly accident. whether the driver asked lindsay to move her car so he can dump the load. or if she tried moving her told her no.
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crushed and killed and reports coming up this morning her fiance and four year-old daughter were inside the home and saw the accident. still ahead on the kron four morning news. at ***6-15*** we're gathering information on our breaking news. a passenger plane has crashed in the french alps. 148 people on board. its believed there are no survivors. >> darya:then at ***6-35*** a man tries to kidnap a 16 year old girl who was on her way to school in antioch. how this may not be the first time this has happened. and at ***6-48*** who's your >> mark: bay area shelter is trying to assure adoptive pet owners about what kind of dog they're getting.
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and delivered to you with a push of a button. the nespresso vertuoline. swiss-designed precision brought to your kitchen. celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off. it's the best price we've ever engineered. ♪ ♪ >> darya: breaking news this morning. french media reports a german airliner has crashed pictured here. 6 crew members are believed >> darya: flecked ascended
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the descendants 40 all of the six plants and 32 mi. away from an airport the french president this morning saying unlikely there are any survivors. airbus is 320 39 ft. long the flight rain wings are 3,800 mi.. more >> mark: on the claim an older model of the a 320 we'd learned it was delayed 30 minutes before takeoff. there is no wins in the area of of the car side 6,000 ft.. that is delaying efforts for people to get to the site. >> reporter: both lufthansa and german wings change their logos to gray on their. since international air also viewings and honor. mr. glover is likely to or on the world are treating their condolences
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what i've looked at one hurt some of those streets are coming across morning. >> reporter: of people have been basically saying that their thoughts and prayers are going up to this family and the victims of the flight. here's a look at some of those streets this morning. >> reporter: even the see also sitting out saying that he was seeing was a very dark day. following this for you on our kron-4-dot-com and facebook and twitter. >> mark: there whether traffic more on changing forecast a chance. >> james: start out with a live look at this shot here steal cameral real at least over our city on the board a duracell francisco looking out at the western span of the bay bridge this ability . >> james: temperatures
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below 52 cerros the blow for 50s and conquered 53 in oakland 52 san jose san francisco warm spot at 57. mild to begin the day and here's how temperatures will develop over the course of the afternoon isolated on cell francisco peninsula and we will drop just a touch here as we head toward sunrise 77 this morning. then we will quickly wrap it up to the mid to upper 60s as we head for 2:00 in the afternoon. that's where old like in san francisco. here's a look at the 66 and the city a little warmer and down to the south near cemetery 69 there. keeping on the cool side for the coastline. in the south by 74 san jose east 80 in oakland 8070 oakland 72 antioch 72 livermore upper 6 is low 70's and the north bay. getting had myself with every degree weather on the
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way. and what don't come live told tomorrow with low 80s and the point. thursday for a warm up to mid 80's and very likely it will have records on those days. >> james: as ahead and delete and cool off just a little bit and introduced the slightest chance of a sprinkle or to next monday. >> james: yesterday brought rent asunder the sierra. >> reporter: the ski resorts in the suit it needed much needed snow. >> michelle: same that brought showers monday has snow from the passes. snow totals for the resort and light tahoe area what some of these this morning. of charles diamond peak half a foot. 5 in. there kirkwood for. suave vow 4 in. not rose three norstar heavenly 2 in. of assimilating snowfall. with that said and has somewhat help the snowpack across the sierra.
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the current percent of normal across the region no. 07%. central 707% that some much snow we have seen. >> george: talking about the sierra we mention that there is an accident ride eastbound on in-state a 80 in the sierra at my at. a big rig to them colliding and the chp closed the roadway and order clear the crash. an expected to reopen at 3:00. if you are heading over in that direction be advised will be was a lawyer trip or stop and recall. >> george: first thoughts of the morning on a 80 northbound. highway 238. it isn't backing up residence see it out of castro valley for the trip without to the nimitz freeway. also impact on the 8 the ride. so tracking the drive time there for some reason we
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ended up here in nevada. but the show you the other ride this was coming in at 23 minutes a here heading south on coming out of marin county this morning. heading down toward the golden gate bridge. >> george: here is your ride with a toll plaza for the bay bridge and westbound commute. you can see it starting to back up on a 8 the ramp. already solid in the macarthur mae's 2628 men drive * here. tracking a ride to the san mateo bridge the break was beginning to pop on here out for mid span. halftime up brown 15 minutes.: date bristow problem free ride softbound direction not expecting any delays there. and for your richmond bridge dried as you had westbound tour running county easy trip here was no backup at the toll plaza for the west on track. >> darya: new information for you about the hiker who died one cliff gave way she
6:22 am
her boyfriend fell. we now have were the victim was 58 year-old nancy of san francisco. here's her for a teacher at the steer preschool in san francisco. she her boyfriend standing near the end of our short trail saturday when a portion of the cliff gave way and they fell 75 ft. to the beach below. she was rescued from the rubble but was pronounced dead at the scene her boyfriend taken the hospitals he has serious injury although he was treated it released from hospital last night. meantime our truck trailers closed till further notice. >> mark: afghan president set the president might be with president obama for the relations between afghanistan and u.s.. >> mark: president obama promised the wasnt u.s.
6:23 am
troops but the the threat of all islamic state fighters has persuaded the president to slow the withdrawal. still ahead with the kron 4 more news images we'll explain here to look at them where researchers are using them to send a strong message to expected mothers who smoke. keeping an eye bay area weather traffic live look outside sfo nautilus for running flex update on traffic cops but and not just a moment.elp someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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>> darya: everyone smokes and offered not with is not good for the, the baby and what the child looks like cilantro smoking is pontifex. for the ultrasound scans the is shown on born baby with a grimace. the mother lets up the photos taken from a woman should smoking 14 cigarettes a day for years pregnant woman have been told smoking increases risk of premature birth arrested for problems even death. they hope that these images to encourage more expected mother's equipped. wood burning fireplace it will soon be banned in california as california as a.
6:27 am
>> mark: smokes are a number of air polluter and they say homes that would burning fireplaces could not be sold or rented on was their outfitted with a cleaner device. across from a up caught stove or thick logs and some gas or burn homeowners of the $306,000 price tag. district will be holding a series of public meetings to give feedback china put this proposal into effect by november 1st bridge over the holiday. >> darya: >> mark: still ahead were getting up-to- the-minute information on a plane crash french alps 150 people on board and presumed dead now word processors being put into private rooms at the airports. >> reporter: on a san francisco sheriff's
6:28 am
department searching for in may that to escape all being escorted by deputy details coming up the live report.
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>> mark: opening bell on wall street this morning we're a few points but led sell-off dow down 11. today just on 13 and a wild swing that we saw last week and i'll come down say with oil prices and u.s. dollar seemed to symbolize after hitting 13 year high against the euro. >> darya: new information or the german airliner that crashed in north on files of west piece.
6:31 am
>> mark: airbus eighth 320 and the flight had a 30 mandalay before taking off from barcelona. 150 people on board hundred 44 passengers. it is a german wings flight 9525. a low- cost carrier for the fonts of. and a brief for the crash 6,000 ft. and the plane did send out a distress signal >> mark: 20 in the area of the also hampering the search efforts suppose if you are flight the crash happened 45 minutes into flight from barcelona to dusseldorf. the plane of 38,000 ft. drop the 24,000 ft. and then descended before crashing in the alps. and the president saying the there are any survivors unlikely. >> darya: the family members
6:32 am
and to uncover rooms and in that one of the strip and the altus been waiting for news so were the trouble is waiting to get in and retrieve the bodies of it to notify the next of kin. >> mark: breaking news story in the bay area escaped inmate in san francisco so on was this morning on may 45 last night at the jail's seventh street. kron 4 will try and live at the jail with a picture of the escaped and made their the so searching for. >> reporter: and a half hours later so i have arrested him all the will phone calls the deputy sheriff for the san francisco sheriff's department still low callback this all started around 845 last night let's go ahead show you the pictures it's very important that you get a good look at this guy. 45 last night and is being escorted by one the deputies out taking trash and in the process manages to flee. deputy chases after
6:33 am
him and heads toward the south of market area. call the san francisco apartment and the also come out of the officers in the area this shredding or lights and dawn slowly with the etruscan people of its seen him. now they did not see him that's what he's on loose possibly they believe he should is or sean system is up there somewhere and is under. the up in the season and who is like this person and give the authority to call. his name is alexander santiago gonzales 26 years old. arrested and booked back in july and seven to scotia of the pardon for multiple charges including violations of mcartor narcotics trafficking and possession of firearms. >> reporter: this is not look good for this picture suburban reason why very similar incident happened a month ago. another inmate was also about taking trash s and as i get a callback
6:34 am
from the deputy sheriff i will let you know on latest for the search. >> darya: the late copley's in your help the find a 30 year-old woman may have been kidnapped and there may be ransom right now here's a live picture from the control point for the investigation in vallejo this morning jackie cecil as ben and the command center all morning giving us the very latest updates on this case where a woman was taken possibly around 2:00 yesterday afternoon 500 block of kirkland avenue from home. her name is denise hoskins. please define her car they will not say exactly where they found that they have not however located her. keeping eyes on bay area traffic. >> james: we go outside
6:35 am
right into it with temperatures retinol mild side agree looking shot from bay bridge approach camera showing these hills rise and really did begin the light up right now pushing sunrise which will arrive in just over half hour from right now a call. stilicho we expect as the mover with to the day as from tracker day part forecast britain on the day in three big chance for you during the morning hours you see that represented by 7:00 a.m.. will get a chance for north the sprinkles. by north and north of santa rosa and all live likelihood the bay area will not see anything from the energy from the north and there's a chance and the north bay,. temperatures were in on the 50s noontime conditions moister moves off and see the clouds roll and we should be seeing cause increasing between 11 and for today mid-60's at least load mid-60s by noontime warm up by the mid-60s to the 7 4:00 this afternoon and just to 43 jump before
6:36 am
yesterday's highs and today is a touch more than zero for a lot warmer thursday friday certainly warmer and how is today's elite will be breaking temperatures to record highs all likelihood for those states a total that in detail coming up with a full check and about 50 minutes. if you have to get up the door knockers with words and images are now and while to load mid- 50s are on the back. >> george: on entering his accent a 80 this one slowing right here on interstate 80. because of the crash and its proximity to 38 so traffic has been slow coming out of the castro valley also. affecting the run on a 80 in the southbound direction sickens the accord or commute to 38 down to 37. at 32 minutes now. >> george: of they looks pretty good story now of the up anything in the way of delays tracking rights to the bridges up the difference for the bay bridge is backed up and the
6:37 am
macarthur man is. drive time now 26 and 28 minutes. almost regardless of the approach with the say 80 ride back up over the toll plaza. their trip to the san mateo bridge its earlier and earlier as seems to get the study traffic now the traffic signs are brown 19 mets already to the west on trip and you can see were jammed here heading out all the way to the span. beginning right after the toll plaza. >> darya: men behind bars accused of traffic and up a six year-old girl on terrace school yesterday morning. police thing that the same mantra the same thing to another and a high school girl a month ago. the school district court out about the attempted obstruction. as happened yesterday and the six year-old girl like can ford said the same thing happened her a month earlier. describe the same a man and the same car and then she told police version
6:38 am
seen i car please consultation. if on the suspect. two girls will identify the suspect 21 year-old john allen taken into custody investigators working on another attempted kidnapping case in two weeks ago near and yet middle school. give not though at this point cated the case to yesterday's arrest. >> mark: coming up through maternity of the center of arab delegations that considering taking legal action against rolling stone magazine and what wasn't found in the latest investigation. >> mark: looks in san francisco beautiful view here on the embarcadero from san francisco studios.
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in over salmon tell even though we've been in some in free to just reach the to pinpoint here. give traffic any time on the kron 4 mobile app it's for either apple or android devices and it is a greater say updated on news weather traffic. >> mark: national moues fraternity this was a rolling stone article about gingrich is now considering legal action. and then if on no evidence of wrongdoing no one to back up the claims of the accuser. fraternity asking for ford traction in the and a possible lawsuit. according articled woman raped a girl known as jackie
6:43 am
and party 2012. please could not confirm the information rhones on ron. they put names days even a party that happened at the house the night. please suspended their investigation advocates say the new details are setback for the cost. >> james: latest and forecast coming up as a to look outside golden gate bridge camera looking and ice conditions as the raid had up the door will get the weather coming up.
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>> darya: debris is new information on the german airliner that crashed in the french alps now there are reports that its one teacher and school children on an exchange traffic court again on that flight and among the dead. french residence and anyone survive on likely. >> mark: at hundred 50 people on board german wings for 9525 budget airline operated by lufthansa and hot platters of his 24 years old at they heard a series of loud noises and the error the moments before the crash. witness smoke on the mountainside. suppose we too are flights from barcelona come to dusseldorf and the plan was out of the multitude of 3000 thieves something wrong of the 24,000 ft. and then went down into a heavy snow. >> darya: the witnesses who
6:47 am
said it seem like one of those explosions they have when they do the avalanche control and then sauce up and realize it was the plane had gone down the also told you how we are waiting for more information all the victims and families that are gathered right now for two airports france germany. the helicopters are trying to go in as well in bad weather and recover the victim. >> reporter: ladrones plane crash all coming to twitter where we are talking a lot on twitter this trend of social media. both lufthansa and german wings change the law was not too long ago to carry on their twitter accounts. other airlines was international also during the same thing to honor the victims. with no survivors likely people are on the world are giving their condolences. is look for a seven this morning this person saying german wings for blacks and my deepest
6:48 am
condolences to all family members of the victims. >> reporter: look at another tweet"with on some light of thus to the family and crew recipes'" if a >> reporter: fears are confirmed this is a dark day for german wings that's by carson's for the ceo of lufthansa. with more information on kron-4-dot- com facebook twitter pages. >> mark: little yosemite have known blanketed in snow right now a but as it and see the drought is visible here as a light the drought looks like it could be impacting here march 2011 ec it so a covered in snow and 2012 even more snow but a huge change was not or so unless the years 2013 and 2014 this year by far the worst in recent years with
6:49 am
no snow visible. >> darya: as up and tom arnold resort the can't the stop order article about how little snow is one of those they had even pick anyone the up to look like this in one shape or another if once the once easily won a godown. >> james: in a show reporting this morning also was opec's far below bit of what should be the sum merely means bad news for us come summertime bus known this year means no snowmelt less water for us come summer we're talking the state capital about increased water restrictions regulations in force will be miserable all wrong california in terms watter the summer because a lack of
6:50 am
snow this winter closer look or singer on the bay especially nice we have clear conditions to start in. is cutting overhead visibility lantastic another across the studio embarcadero san francisco bread shop there and you conceive a ferry building what up and let's this morning. to go get the forecast for today kron temperatures widespread loaded 50s up the moment a miles start/as a lot worker with to the day we expect in the south bay next 30 meth schools still in in the cloudy. noontime was a cloudy still temperatures will be mild low 60s apply for a lunch hour by 5 tonight will be breezy winds pick up this afternoon partly cloudy and temperatures at the peak in the upper 60s to maybe some very low '70's today about a handful degrees warmer than yesterday. here's a look that 70 in san jose and 6 is a lesson is in the state. see 6 san francisco 7 across the bay and oakland's. and
6:51 am
some aren't up temperatures even more sense from tracker for on before test. resting low 80s-we're on the bay on wednesday and then maybe even a use feathers to take this shot bring britain temperatures for those days and bring temperatures donald in the weekend but really the next several days a look fantastic from the bay. as the weather and it's over heterotrophic. >> george: at present are not tracking any hot spots but we did just a word of a new in seven east bay that has the potential slow the ride let's move over here and a cocker were southbound interstate 680 degree lane and getting word of a stall or possibly an accident currently the trip times off on not too bad 6 team and that's fairly typical for this time of year the morning. and the rest of your right here through the east bay also fairly typical of surprises from six days off on or west on interstate 580. here in the
6:52 am
south by it still tracking a pretty good ride or most the freeway and was the drive time from the capitol expressway my new expressway add just a woman is is not better. looking at the bridges here your bay bridge dried backed up and the macarthur maze no breaks that all. and your san mateo bridge, you also have coming and now 90 and 21 minutes over his words and a tail. golden gate bridge ride free and clear easy in than normal ride through marin county. the heading into marin the of the richmond bridge back up now building here at the plaza as slow or ride on interstate 580 westbound. you come out of richmond and we take a quick break kron 4 more news will be right
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>> darya: bifurcating puppy or abandoned up from the shelter could be a heartwarming experience but also bring in someone on factors including questions
6:56 am
about the breed of dog in kron for trees is also up one bay area shelter company will clear up the confusion. >> reporter: 8 this week this from the fellow. it's a mixed breed and made a name courtesy of the peninsula humane society. some dna testing and the staff here seems to be having a ball with the new ways and insure the right dog its match with price family. this is scott. >> reporter: 0 whitaker dog sneak them might think they'll look the same cost of performing dna testing being absorbed by the facility. will we do we take cheeks wobble the dog's mouth something that looks like a long q-tip and slobby inside the mouth about 10 seconds. speaking of the year he says a dozen dogs have been swapped. some people come in not knowing where it wants and then the
6:57 am
deal of research on their own about the breed. in find out what some of of three tendencies are. they know his makeup they can research those stories and finally more about his background. >> reporter: dna testing $19 already been read homes and to which he says many dogs is a squall mixes. up of the families that have no kids and is in the double. how is the best match and a notice and do and small dogs don't brieux's like the same thing. >> reporter: in a testing help clear up confusion among people know the other breeds assizes walk and about what to expect. >> reporter: go funding great homes and lots of matches once people adopting coming to the dog and take them home the return right now 6% which is off the charts and a good way was the dogs we adopt fun loving homes and stay there want you to going.
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>>mark: thank you for joining us. if >>darya: we are following the breaking news story where in a plane that went down and french president francois lawn thinks there are no survivors after the jet that crashed about 90 mi. northwest


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